May 25, 2017
He has a remarkable track record as a financial advisor, but he is also a highly regarded well-known author, advisor, lecturer and talk show host. Therefore, it should be obvious why so many people respect Steve Sitkowski. Over a career in which he has given great advice to so many over nearly three decades, Steven has demonstrate a strong understanding of the financial industry from a perspective that only an experienced insider could have.

It’s no coincidence that he has shared the stage with so many prominent people in the business of financial advice, including such luminaries as Zig Ziglar, Tony Robbins, Charles J. Givens and many others. Audiences appreciate his communications style, which has often been described as “tell it like it is,” which means he can be very blunt. It is a speaking style he honed as a talk show host, and through lectures that have been seen by millions all over the world.